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Dear members of the forum

The world has changed for the better during 2019.
On October 13, PYD, the Syrian branch of PKK, a Kurdish Communist terrorist movement, surrendered to the Assad regime and to the armed forces of Russia. The Russian army entered Kobani, a Kurdish city in northern Syria, on October 16. The Russian army prevented Turkey from committing ethnic cleansing against the Syrian Kurds and prevented the establishment of a Kurdish Communist regime in the Kurdish regions of Syria.
The relations between the EU and Russia have improved during 2019. On June 25, Russia was readmitted to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Germany and France supported the readmission of Russia to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
On December 10, Russia and Ukraine made important steps towards peace at a summit. Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France were present at this summit.
On October 17, Britain finally agreed to a customs border in the Irish Sea. Britain will leave the EU on January 31 2020. Brexit will fortunately be an amicable divorce.
No monarchy was restored during 2019, and no monarchy was abolished during 2019.
Akihito, the Emperor of Japan, abdicated on April 30 2019 due to declining health. Naruhito, a son of Akihito, became the new Emperor of Japan.
Konstantin Malofeyev, a prominent Russian oligarch, who supports Putin, will found a new monarchist political party in Russia. It will support Putin, but it will oppose United Russia, the ruling party of Russia.


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