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I would like to know, whether Western monarchists prefer Athens to the Persian Empire. I definitely prefer the Persian Empire to Athens, because I'm a Kurd and a monarchist. The Kurds are an Iranic people and the ancestors of the Kurds were subjects of the Persian Empire. As a Christian, I admire King Cyrus, who allowed the Jews to return from Babylon and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. I'm not terribly fond of Ancient Greece. It's quite boring. I definitely prefer the Roman Empire to Ancient Greece. Caesar and Augustus are far more interesting than Perikles and Demosthenes. But I like Alexander the Great, because he became fond of Persian culture and married a beautiful Bactrian woman called Roxana. The Bactrians were an Iranic people living in Afghanistan. I want an European prince to emulate Alexander the Great and marry a Kurdish woman. If a European prince marries a Kurdish woman, I want him to become Shah of Kurdistan. We Kurds have monarchist souls, because we are descendants of subjects of the magnificent Persian Empire. 
I despise the Seleucids, who ruled Kurdistan and Iran after the death of Alexander. The Seleucids tried to Hellenize the Iranic lands. But the Parthians, who were an Iranic people, liberated Iran and Kurdistan from the Seleucids. The Parthian Empire was later replaced with the magnificent Sassanid Persian Empire. Nestorius, the founder of the Nestorian Church, who was a Kurd, lived during the Sassanid era. The Sassanid kings supported the Nestorian Church. I'm a Nestorian Christian.
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