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This article, in French, is music to our ears - "There is an incredible revival for monarchies... they are less challenged than in the 80s and 90s".

I find that quite striking. Much of what has been said about the British monarchy and the Commonwealth appears to be applicable to almost all of Europe's remaining monarchies - although only Spain and Belgium face certain challenges, which so far they seem to be handling quite well.

The lack of any popular desire for a republic in existing monarchies has been noted. Possibly the fragmentation of society and politics has strengthened their importance to the social and political system. In the post-9/11 period where people need continuity and certainty, in the EU political and social crisis of today, it would be a given.

However, it brings us to this question. If, as is evident, republicans have failed to persuade most people in Europe's monarchies, what can monarchists do to persuade people in existing republics?

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The Spanish monarchy is in danger. Republicanism is very strong in Spain. But the other hereditary monarchies in Europe appear safe. 

I consider monarchism a lost cause in the former monarchies of Western Europe, because they are stable democratic republics, and monarchism is insignificant in those countries. But restoration of the monarchy is quite likely to happen in Russia, because parts of the Kremlin establishment and parts of the Russian Orthodox clergy supports it. 
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