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I prefer male-preference primogeniture, because it is important, that the king is succeeded by his own children rather than by more distant relatives, and because equal primogeniture is an assault on tradition.
Spain, Monaco, Bhutan and Tonga currently use male-preference primogeniture. 
Most Western European monarchies have introduced equal primogeniture. Trying to restore male-preference primogeniture in Great Britain, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands makes no sense, because most people in those countries support gender equality, and proposing a return to male-preference primogeniture will be considered reactionary.
But introducing male-preference primogeniture in non-Western monarchies, which use strictly agnatic succession, is progressive. Reza Pahlavi wants one of his daughters to succeed him on the throne, if the Iranian monarchy is restored, despite strictly agnatic succession to the Iranian throne being used before the revolution.
If a monarchy is established in Kurdistan, I will support male-preference primogeniture to the Kurdish throne. Male-preference primogeniture will suit Kurdish culture well, because Kurdistan is progressive compared to the Arab World regarding women's rights, while being conservative regarding women's rights compared to Western Europe. Male-preference primogeniture will suit Russian culture well too, because Russia is quite progressive regarding women's rights, but Russian society remains conservative compared to Western Europe. In addition, Russia allowed female succession to the throne until 1797.
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