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Despite being a monarchist, I like the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic was conservative and nationalist, it recognized titles of nobility as part of the legal name and it raised church tax for the Christian churches of Germany. Abolishing the German monarchy was necessary in order to prevent a Communist revolution in Germany. I would have preferred the Hohenzollern monarchy of Germany to survive, but a democratic republic, which doesn't persecute the Christian churches, which respects property rights and which even recognizes titles of nobility is far better than a Communist regime. If the Communists had taken power in Germany in 1918, the Christian churches of Germany would have been persecuted, the German nobility would have been dispossessed and German agricultural land would have been forcibly collectivized. It's sometime necessary to sacrifice the monarchy in order to prevent a greater evil. 

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Why would keeping the crown automatically lead to communism?
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Kaiser Wilhelm was unjustly blamed for both the war and losing the war. Like Czar Nickolas he was a scapegoat for a lot of things. Had he or son retained their thrones it would have given the communist the omph they needed to takeover.
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