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I would like to know, which currently reigning European monarchs are descended from the Habsburgs, because I want the Emperor of Europe to be a currently reigning Roman Catholic monarch, who is descended from the Habsburgs, if the EU becomes a federation.

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I didn't want this thread in the European Royal Genealogy section, so moved it here. The answer is all of them, in the sense that the Emperor Ferdinand I was a Habsburg and is a universal ancestor of today's reigning European monarchs. However, he did die in 1564, and perhaps you wanted something a little more up-to-date. The most recent Habsburg (-Lorraine) Emperor the Prince of Liechtenstein descends from is Franz II (I). For the King of Spain, it is back one generation to Leopold II. For the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, ditto. The King of the Belgians retreats one generation more, to the Empress Maria Theresa. The remaining six monarchs, including the Catholic Prince of Monaco, all have to look to Ferdinand I for their most recent Habsburg blood.
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