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If HRH Prince Charles doesn't die before his mother, The Queen, and ascends the throne for some time, he too will then die at some date to be determined by God.

At that time, William and Catherine will ascend and be King and Queen but what, if she too is alive, will Camilla be called? Surely not "The Queen Step-Mum." As the British don't seem to be enamored with Camilla as the last Queen Mum will she be HRH The Dowager Queen Camilla?" 

Given the British propensity for abbreviating everything in the English language I can't imagine the use of Dowager being common place. Or will Camilla just go off to her house and to play in her garden she loves, only to be remembered when her funeral comes up?

Surely the Palace adminstrivia staff have thought this over to a great extent. Obviously it would be socially vulgar to discuss the deaths of Monarchs but, Enquiring Minds Want to Know.

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I understand that the Duchess of Cornwall is to be styled "Princess Consort" rather than "Queen Consort" upon Charles' ascent to the throne, out of respect for the memory of Princess Diana. For which there is no precedent, might I add, and I would personally like to see Her Royal Highness become Queen, but sadly the mob must be appeased. I suppose that, upon the death of King Charles III (or George VII- there is some talk of the King taking the name "George" due to the entirely undeserved stigma attached to the previous two English and Scottish Kings named Charles, and also, paradoxically, out of respect for Bonnie Prince Charlie, regarded as the legitimate King Charles III by Jacobites) Camilla would be styled "HRH the Dowager Princess Consort". Don't take my word for it, though; this is just speculation. 
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 but sadly the mob must be appeased.

While the stated intention is that Camilla will be called "Princess Consort" I don't think that this will happen.  Whatever she calls herself, legally, Camilla will be queen.  For someone who is legally queen to call herself something else is unprecedented and in my view very unwise.  At present she is legally Princess of Wales although she chooses to be called Duchess of Cornwall.  I hope that by the time Charles becomes monarch, the hysteria will be far enough in the past that the Duchess of Cornwall will become Queen.  The mob must not be appeased at all, it's the law that should be adhered too.  The mob and it's whims are as changable as the weather.

Upon William's accession, if Camilla is still around, she would be Queen Dowager, as a widowed Queen.

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Most interesting replies. Some long ago the question of whether Camilla would be called Queen upon Charles' ascension was clearly answered with a "yes" by a Royal legal expert. Having no idea of English law, except for the US accepted "Common Law," I have no idea what it would take for her to be called otherwise, mob-rule or not.

I have my doubts, legally, that she could revert to "Dowager Princess Camilla" just to satisfy some prurient nostalgia for the so-called "Queen of Hearts." That is, down through the British Monarchy divorces and untimely deaths have been common and I see no reason Diana's should be any different.

Unless events should unfold in unfortunate and untimely rapidity I don't anticipate knowing the answer to this potential quandary as I'm HRH Prince Charles' age and don't be expect to see the drama unfold, if indeed it proves to be a drama or just air out of a balloon.

Thanks so much for your musings.

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