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Location: Antarctica.

Territory: Peter I Island and Alexander Island.

Political system: Hereditary constitutional monarchy.

Imperial dynasty: Romanov-Leiningen. The throne is inherited according to male-preference primogeniture.

Head of government: The President of the Council of Ministers. Is appointed and dismissed by the Tsar.

Legislative assembly: The State Duma. Unicameral assembly elected by universal and equal suffrage for a five-year term. Indefinite reelection to the State Duma is allowed. Women are granted suffrage unlike in elections to the State Duma of Tsarist Russia.

Official language: Russian.

State religion: Russian Orthodox Christianity. Full freedom of religion is granted.

Currency: Bellinsgauzeniyan ruble.

Flag: Black-yellow-white horizontal tricolour.

Calendar: Julian Calendar (lags 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar).

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