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This article seems to me more of a back-handed compliment, but is not trying to be so.


The notion of a monarchy revered for its magical powers, or even passively tolerated for its life of leisure and good connections, dissolved the moment Queen Elizabeth II stepped out in 1953 to a phalanx of TV cameras. To keep her job, and maintain it for her offspring, she has had to embody exactly the opposite qualities: transparency, humility, frugalness, ordinariness.

Those happen to be the qualities of a good elected president. For today’s constitutional monarchs know the game is up: In a perfectly reasonable world, they would not exist. If we started from scratch, we would not choose a hereditary selected aristocrat from a randomly selected family as head of state in a modern, rights-based democracy. But we do, in 36 countries, including Canada.

Read the whole article in context.

"For every monarchy overthrown the sky becomes less brilliant, because it loses a star. A republic is ugliness set free." - Anatole France

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A democratist reluctantly concedes that monarchy is not the worst thing since Hitler, as long as it's a heavily demonarchized monarchy with democratic values. Many of them do it, but they're still not our allies.
O Lord our God, arise, scatter Her enemies, and make them fall!
Confound their politics, frustrate their knavish tricks, on Thee our hopes we fix, God save us all!

Before anyone asks, Louis-Alphonse de Bourbon is the King of France.

To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his gods. - Thomas Babbington Macaulay

"Now the Prince has raised his banner, now triumphant is our cause/Now the Scottish Lion rallies, let us strike for Prince and laws!" --Wha Wadna Fecht Fer Chairlie, The Corries

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As is so often the case, the article is not very accurate. For example:

Originally Posted by Ponocrates
Her only remnant of absolute power is her right not to sign any piece of British legislation

The Queen has no such right. Instead, she has a duty to follow the advice of her ministers. The last Queen to decline assent to a Bill that had passed both houses of Parliament was Queen Anne, and she did so on the advice of her ministers.

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