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It's been a field week on social media. Kanye West said something good about Candace Owens, who has bravely challenged black American identity politics and victimhood. Let's make no mistake here: this is or could be something much bigger.

I am saying this because of the context here. In the field of identity politics and victimhood, there is no question of the role played by the media and entertainment industry. Above all else, it underlines that far from being a powerless and disenfranchised minority, black Americans are a socially and culturally powerful minority through their prominent role in the entertainment industry and sports.

Too many have used this position not to build bridges and foster goodwill, but to promote victimhood and resentment. Nobody represents this better than Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles. A few in the industry bravely dissent and face persecution by their peers for daring to do so. The entertainment industry is a central part of the problem, and doubly so where minorities are concerned. Many black Americans, not least Christian and Muslim religious leaders, are aware of this and make a point of stating it.

The entertainment industry, not just in the USA but the West generally, is a major promoter of degrading our moral and cultural fabric. Tony Marano explains the difference between Western and Asian pop culture in this regard.

Much of the cultural establishment, whether pop culture or "high culture" (the arts and all), is aligned to the Labour and Democratic parties. They have committed themselves to undermining Western civilisation and aggressively promote the postcolonial and identity politics madness. Much of the economic establishment aligns itself with the Conservative and Republican parties, and have largely turned a blind eye to what is really happening, as Melanie Phillips said in an article last year.

It is a phenomenon with a pernicious effect. The perpetuation of victimhood by black American celebrities has undeniably inspired non-white public figures in other Western countries, including Australia, to do the same. The result is not greater goodwill between communities, but greater hostility. Above all else, it is a scam intended to keep minorities wedded to leftist parties.

Kanye West's awakening is not insignificant and along with Candace Owens may yet provide a new awakening for minorities to reject the destructive identity politics and victim mentality that is now reaching dangerous depths. West is also married to Kim Kardashian, who in her favour, publicly campaigns for recognition of the Armenian Genocide - not something that PC celebrities are likely to do.
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