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Helllo, I thought it only proper to begin this ( rather lengthy) topic by Introducing myself, as this is my first post on this forum.  My name is Joshua,Adam,Moore I am the son of James Augustus.  I am a College student at the age of 21, studying a variety of subjects but philosophy and history are some of my  Pass times.I am an American from Florida. Now that the basics are covered about my self, I will address the points I intended  for this post.

 Monarchy as you all know is a System of government that has long stood the Test of time  compared to many of its 'rival' systems. Perhaps the only system of government that is close to Monarchy in age is the system of a Republic.  so What is a True Monarchy or a True Republic?  the  answer to this is very much a Double standard, A Monarchy  can exist in a GREAT many states and have a great number of appearances and forms, but a republic is  very set in stone  as to what forms a true republic. Monarchs  can (sort-of-kind-of)  co-exist with Other forums of government forming sort of Hybrids, How ever when this  occurs, one side of the government  be it the Monarch or the alternate form its mixed with, one is always dominate and one is always passive.  In most modern examples  specially in Europe, nearly all of the surviving Monarchs are Passive and the elected Parliament is Dominate governing body.   The point to this is the Driving force behind what makes a Monarch. 

Way back in the day. Rome was ruled by 7 kings,supposedly  the descendants of Romulus and Remus. This by all accounts  became a corrupt arrangement over time where the monarchs enveloped them selfs in greed and over time brought about the Wrath of the people forming strong resentments  towards'Kings' and so  forth. After a series of  Internal wars the kings where driven from Rome, killed or Exiled   in 509BC.   Though the history on this time period is foggy, kings where ( as accounted by a Historian in the era of the roman republic) elected to serve for life. Its un clear weather they truely became corrupt or weather  it was a power play by the aristocracy to over throw the kings... the Monarch was,over thrown.  The  Republic began in a rough manner, Aristocrats ruled the senate   bu the separation of powers meant no one individual had absolute authority.  under this government the foundations of the of the greatest empires known to Humanity   was laid, the Military  thrived under the republic as did the Roman economy.  But while its unclear as to the true fate of  the Kings, it is certain that over time The republic  became  Corrupt, its vast wealth brought unprecedented power to the aristocracy and which in turn spawned a Arrogant elite  over the generations.  In time the Aristocrats  gained more than 80% of the land in Latinium  and small family farms  where nearly  gone all together. These land lord-like  Aristocrats   used mostly slaves  which created a huge % of unemployment. 

The republic, would have in-time collapsed had it not been (in fact) rescued by the dawn of the Imperial era. Under which Rome  maintained power and expansion  for several centuries longer. The Monarch kept the  Republic intact mostly for show how ever the Senate did ( for a while) have moderate governing authority. BUT  yet again... the Monarch ( emperor) became corrupt over time. This started  when the Crown was no longer passed down through merit  but through birth right...  and this lead to generations of Inbreeding  and  in the end  created Corrupt, sociopathic and in some cases, monstrously psychotic  rulers.   Yet under the  rule of  Octavian and several of the early emperors, the Empire  flourished and expanded  with a wise and just ruler at its helm.  

The Modern American Democracy ( almost nothing is left of the Original Republic)  Is Corrupt. Its politician are largely elites and  while not inbred ( that i know of) are largely Bred into their Positions...  America *HAS* an unofficial Aristocracy and not in a good way.  How ever for as decayed and corrupt as the modern government is, the foundations of this nation as a Republic  where both sound and just. As was the  transition from Republic to Imperialism for the romans.  The American republic installed separation of powers and   Many other attributes that where essential for the long gevity of a Republic.  How ever ( in the last 100 years of so)  many of those barriers that separated powers  have been torn down and soon I believe america will see another transition...

All forms of government, be in Monarch of Republic ( even a Imperial Republic) will decay and become corrupt  in time *if not* properly managed and constantly renewed...

so.... How do you  keep a Monarch  on its toes?   How is it decided who the Ruler is.. for certainly  History shows  a great many shades of grey to the Right-of-birth  form of Monarch..  How do you Handle Aristocracy?  How do you juggle the balance between capitalist and socialist economy styles as  even a Monarch  must deal with that fundamental issue, There for must handle the Wealthy or those in favor.  Do you  distribute power of government to Ministers or do you  Hold the majority of power in a single Monarch.   These are issues which Dance around the Idea. How do you remove a Monarch that has become corrupt..  for History shows that often requires  some very Bloody civil wars.

In Honesty...  If i was  asked *today*  right  now to pick a side  to fight for... A side to establish a Monarch society  under a fair an benevolent ruler  or  to fight for a Libertarian  renewal of the "old republic"..... It would almost be a coin toss for me  who walks a tight rope between Libertarian believes and Authoritarian  tendency

- Jevinie ( hows that for a first post)

[Coming soon]
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