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Here's some of my collected thoughts for the monarchist community at large to contemplate, and I will offer some for American monarchists.

An international?
As monarchism is a cause that transcends cultures and nations, genuine international solidarity (which must be differentiated from the loaded term "internationalism") is an important aspect of the monarchist cause- namely that while monarchists are first and foremost preoccupied with the cause of their "native" monarchy, they also support the monarchies of other countries in terms of preservation and restoration.

Traditionally, the International Monarchist League has been foremost amongst international monarchist organisations, at least the most enduring. I'm uncertain as to its present level of activity, but its Los Angeles Chapter has become prominent recently and may serve as a model for future development which I will expand on below. The International Monarchist Conference emerged more recently in promoting monarchism worldwide. Given the activism of groups like Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, Australian Monarchist League, British Monarchist League, and British Monarchist Society, I've been thinking of approaching any of these groups with a view to strengthening international links as in whether the IML or IMC would serve as a viable vehicle for a solid base for co-ordinated monarchist activism worldwide.

The American monarchist community - opportunities and uniqueness?
Because the United States is such a diverse country, and one without a prospective monarchy to restore, the latter weakness may prove an untintended strength of the American monarchist community. A not insignificant part of the American monarchist community, maybe the largest part of it, is made up of immigrants and descendants of immigrants sympathetic to preservation or restoration of monarchy in their ancestors' homelands. The Serbian communities abroad, for instance, do have a good deal of monarchist sympathy within them. Naturally, monarchists from all walks of life and various strains as such can converge in common cause.

Obviously, utilising social networking, media, etc is crucial to the cause and is already being done. I'm not certain if any monarchist publications on American soil exist as of now. In terms of helping monarchists elsewhere, the US Constitution's guarantee of freedom of speech is a definite boon in the sense that if monarchists do face censorship or repression abroad, they may well choose to host their websites et al in the US. Hypothetical of course but still worth considering.

The IML's Los Angeles chapter could yet serve as a platform for even more extensive monarchist activism on American soil, if similarly active chapters can be realised elsewhere in the country.
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