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Re, the 'dominion status' question.

We don't 'know' of course, but if the rebels had come to the table when the Carlisle Commission arrived, the US might have been the original dominion (though without the name).

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And after my sources:
(1) the initiative of some members of the Federalist party was not a favourable opinion of the majority of the party...
(2) the Cardinal himself seemed more believe in the political success of the cause that it embodied. He was a dynastic principle, but not a political reality.
(3) it was almost 70 years old, no children, which did not encourage many to try an adventure of this kind.

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Originally Posted by Peter
. He did make a nominal claim and even touched for the King's Evil, the last person ever to do so (the last actual monarch who did was Queen Anne, who touched Samuel Johnson for this purpose as a boy -- it didn't

What's the king's evil?

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Tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis and a variety of other skin diseases gathered under the heading of scrofula, aka the King's Evil. The belief began in France in medieval times that the King's touch could cure or at any rate ameliorate the condition, and was adopted in England, continuing even after the Reformation; there was actually a ceremony for it in the Book of Common Prayer. In France the ritual touching of the afflicted by the monarch continued up to 1830 and the abdication of Charles X, but In Britain George I brought it to an end, regarding it as Papist superstition.
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