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The Mayor of the third arrondissement Of Paris, Mr. Pierre Aidenbaum, announced September 24, 2016, in the newspaper "Le Parisien", want to change the name of the "Temple Square" in "Square Elie Wiesel".
This decision, if implemented, would erase the memory of the enclosure of the Temple which was built on a vast land donated to the order of the Temple to 1170.

The Dungeon remained and to the Revolution, the Royal family's was locked up from 1792. After the decapitation of his parents, abandoned, the young Louis XVII died there at the age of 10 in total isolation.

The Dungeon was destroyed in 1808 but the garden of the Grand prior still exists and is the current square of the Temple.

Affixing the name of Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize for peace, died July 2, 2016 seems to us not objectionable in itself, as that can be reserved at a Parisian site, on the other hand, it is particularly questionable to want to erase the memory of the Temple.
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