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So I wanted to discuss this. It’s said liberalism is in decay and for the future if it continues then could there be a crisis in lack of security? If by then people realise it was caused by the disruption of the natural, healthy relationship between the monarchy or lord and the people hopefully a return will be easier? 

Happiness of the former peasants would most likely have decreased drastically when they were forced out of their natural role by liberalism. There are people who would be happy being peasants who do not care for things which would normally be the job of a monarch/noblemen, but their ancestors were kicked off that as well as from their land in the name of liberalism. 

So after it went life became what people call ‘meaningless’, as opposed to in the past when it was full of meaning to a point where everything seemed ‘full of wonder’ or seemed outright ‘enchanted’? Things like depression, ‘existential crisis’ are increasing and becoming more prevalent among the population in liberal society for some reason. 

You often hear the term commonly used that ‘life is cruel’ or 'can be lonely' as the first impression in today’s time during the liberalism era now. Would you say these are signs of its decay?

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Very nice.  In my opinion the battle of Trafalgar is what saved us because a man called NachmaN who was the second son of Rachel (messiah ben Josef) ,who we have all been waiting for, wrote a note (the letter from Sinai) which gave NelsoN the advantage over NapoleoN.  Thanks to this battle the freed slaves of Haiti could serve in the Royal Navy for example flying the colors of the French King who unlike NapoleoN was willing to free them.  Thanks to this battle, Great Britain was not run over, which would have meant the end of all Monarchies  AND real religious worship.  Without faith in Gd even good deeds become cruel and destructive, like sailing with a speedometer but no compass (compassion).
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