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Hello all,
Recently, the House of Conroy (an aristocracy family based in the Netherlands), had signed into law a Bill (Publicity and Exposure Act 2013) that allowed the exposure of the Athenian Kingdom. The House of Conroy is a noble family with Dutch decent, but had relatively recently (in the 1800s) gained a marquisate in Great Britain. 
The House of Conroy was also given reign and authority over other substates and peerages, practically giving them authority over a large number of people around the world. This institution has come to be called the Athenian Kingdom. The Athenian Parliament passed into a law a series of legislation that merged the Conrican Crown in right of the Netherlands, Conrican Crown in right of the United Kingdom, and the Conrican Crown in right of Athenia. 
Previously, membership (subjectship) in Athenia was only open to those part of Athenian-governed families, those residing in Athenian Realms, Athenian Overseas Realms and Territories, and Athenian Crown Dependencies. Now, with the passing of the Publicity and Exposure Act, membership is open to all. 
Athenia has a fully functioning political system that may be useful (for experience and otherwise) for many wanting a taste of political life. Joining Athenia may mean you may be posted to Parliament, allowing you control over legislation. You may even be put into the Judiciary or a Governmental Department. Of course, you may also be a common subject (no office).
For those interested, please head over to their official website (newly launched). The website has been designed by the Athenian Department of Information and Technology, of which I am a member of the Creative Design Team. I assure you, it's worth your attention and time.
For those wanting to join immediately, please send an email expressing so in to Lewis Benjamin Caraza (Junior Admissions Officer at the Athenian Kingdom Admissions Council) at
Alexander Mitchell

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The link to the website doesn't work, and it might just be the fact that English isn't my first language... but is the Athenian Kingdom basically a voluntary Roleplaying organization, or does it have actual political capital? As in if I claim citizenship in it, does it nullify my Finnish one?

Also, why would one join? What does the parliament and all those offices do exactly, beyond paperwork? [confused]

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Thanks for responding. I have just tried to link out myself. It does work, though you need to wait a little while for the connection to be made. Yes, Athenia is a voluntary 'roleplaying' organization. However, it does also have some political capital - the head of Athenia being an aristocrat within both Britain and the Netherlands. There is no citizenship, just subjectship; it would not affect your existing nationalities at all.

People have joined because firstly, Athenia is a fully operational system with an effective governmental and political system. These are determined by the commons. Joining Athenia would allow one insight into the functioning of a monarchical government. A lot of it would be paperwork, but quite some amount is also concerned with practical applications. Legislation passed would affect the 7,560 Athenian subjects to date.

I hope this answers your questions.

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