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A rather unfavourable article on the King of Swaziland who I grudgingly admit is probably the hardest contemporary monarch to defend:

What irritated me though was the careless analogy with King Canute.  As I posted in the comments section, King Canute did not believe that he could control the ocean.  'In the famous anecdote about Canute "trying" to hold back the tide, he was deliberately showing fawning courtiers that he was not as powerful as they said he was. It was a gesture of humility, not arrogance, and the story therefore means the opposite of what it is sometimes assumed to mean. King Mswati has nothing in common with King Canute other than that they are both kings.'

I notice that Sherborne School [which King Mswati (b 1968) attended as a boy prior to becoming king in 1986] does not include him on their list of famous alumni.  Hmm...

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