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Just in case anyone on this forum might be interested, here's a descent (from from Martin Luther (who initiated the Protestant Reformation by posting his 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg) to the current popular singer Olivia Newton-John:

Martin Luther (1483-1546) father of:
Johannes Luther (1526-1575) father of:
Martin Luther (b. 1568) father of:
Daniel Luther (1608-1683) father of:
Elisabeth (Luther) (1652-1683) mother of:
Daniel H. Hollander (d. 1729) father of:
Johann J. Hollander (1708-1756) father of:
Margarete D. (Hollander) (1732-1809) mother of:
Friedrich W. Frohlich (1769-1845) father of:
Johann F. Frolich (1796-1880) father of:
Ida C. (Frolich) (1826-1867) mother of:
Elise M. (von Ihering) (1852-1920) mother of:
Hedwig M. (Ehrenberg) (1891-1972) mother of:
Irene H. (Born) (1914-2003) mother of:
Olivia Newton-John (b. 1948)

Dis Aliter Visum "Beware of martyrs and those who would die for their beliefs; for they frequently make many others die with them, often before them, sometimes instead of them."

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So not only a Nobel Prize in her ancestry (Max Born) but someone who truly changed the shape of Europe too, her daughter Chloe (Latanzi) really has a tough act to follow!
Yours Sincerely Queenslander
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