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Sir Roger has alas died. I am sure all our sympathies will go to his family and numerous friends.

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I must admit that I never thought very highly of Scruton as a philosopher. I always thought his work rested too much on sophistry and tautology, and I strongly objected to some of his views. I did think him a much better philosopher of aesthetics than ethics, however, and I was delighted by his appointment to chair a body on building design in 2018 and equally disappointed by the New Statesman's absurd smear campaign against him. May he find eternal rest.
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May he find peace.

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Edward Feser has a good piece on Scruton and his passing, including his philosophical legacy:

I was most impressed by Scruton's contribution to conservatism and social thought in general. In other areas, even aesthetics, I'm out of sympathy with the post-Kantian and Analytical tradition he represented. He was one of the past able defenders of conservative social and political philosophy in the last half century. His Fools, Firebrands, and Frauds is a fascinating - and devastating - history of the New Left, especially its leading thinkers, from Hobsbawm to Foucault. But I think his England: An Elegy is probably my favourite of his works. It combines personal memories, a touching insight into Englishness, and social and cultural philosophy.
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