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The Sudanese foreign minister Ali Karti slammed his government's decision to allow iranian warships to dock in port sudan, over fears that sudan's ties to the gulf arab monarchies would be jeapordized.

The sudanese government is dominated by the ncp, and this may indicate rifts over whether to minimize relations with iran in order to get gulf arab support for sudan and its economy

Ali karti has criticized the government before, he appears to be conciliatory towards the west and arab monarchies,,514-+

The sudanese president omar al-bashir is infamous for his speeches and rhetoric. He routinely makes threats which are not carried out, like claiming he would capture juba, and now threatening israel with "painful" retaliation over the bombing of the yarmouk weapons factory. The pro government sudan vision admitted that al bashir essentially meant sudan needed better radar and wasn't going to strike at israel because they lakced the capability.

Al bashir said that while in saudi arabia recovering from throat surgery. Its possible that sudan might seek closder relations with the gulf arab monarchies and a rapproachment with the west, since they are working on repairing issues with south sudan and are eager for america to lift sanctuons and remove the designation of state sponsor of terror from sudan.
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