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As I mentioned in the elections thread, Japan is heading to the polls very soon with a very likely wing to the Right, and even the far right with the possibility that the third most-voted party and probably coalition partner to the conservative LDP will be the Japan Restoration Party. It's long been a demand of Japanese right-wingers to revise the country's US-imposed "pacifist" constitution, and these calls are even louder with changed times.

Nationalism has never been taboo in Japan, but is the shift to a more hawkish stance in the political mainstream a mere reaction to two decades of economic woes, or to the real or alleged danger posed by China and North Korea to Japanese security? Or is the Japanese Right adept at reading weaknesses in the US? The LDP under its current leadership is also adopting a more nationalistic tone, particularly against China. It may well lead to Japan's re-militarisation.
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