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Australia becoming a republic is unlikely to happen, as long as Queen Elizabeth lives, because she is universally respected. But I expect republicanism to resurface in Australia, when Queen Elizabeth dies. The best option for the Australian monarchy is abolishing the personal union with Great Britain and electing a Windsor, who won't inherit the throne of Great Britain, king or queen of Australia. The strongest argument for making Australia a republic is the desire for a resident for president. If Australia gets a resident king or queen, it will be a mortal blow to Australian republicanism.

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From a sentimental point of view, you're probably right, and having a native Australian monarch from the House of Windsor would be a significant focus for Australian patriotism. But we live now in unsettled times, and the chances for such a felicitous development are about nil. In addition to upsetting the republicans, it could also upset those  monarchists who appreciate the old and traditional connection with Britain, and wish to preserve it.  But it would help if some members of the royal family could actually reside for a while in Australia, and form some bonds to that realm. Perhaps George or Charlotte or Louis  could go to college there, and form some connections with some of the localities there. It's even possible that years from now, when the time comes for them to marry, one or more of them could be awarded a subsidiary title based upon some Australian locality. It wouldn't hurt if some Australian monarchists would get up a petition to the Crown requesting some sort of royal title based upon Australia. Of course, it ought to be initiated by native Australians, perhaps even by some Australian town or county. (Actually, I'm not familiar with Australian local governmental districts. Does Australia even have counties ?)
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