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With the accession of King Willem-Alexander with Queen Maxima to the Dutch throne, this is the first time that every reigning European [hereditary] sovereign has had a living consort since...when? Ever?  Peter?

Off the top of my head, before Queen Beatrix was widowed in 2002, Prince Rainier III of Monaco was in 1982. Olav V of Norway's entire reign (1957-91) was as a widower, as had been the last 19 years of his father Haakon VII's after the death of Queen Maud in 1938. The young King Peter II of Yugoslavia (1934-45) was obviously unmarried, as were both of the two Princes of Liechtenstein who reigned between 1858 and 1938. So, it's been awhile...

However, if due to the plethora of sovereigns before 1871, we limit it to kingdoms, every reigning king or queen had a living consort between 1991 and 2002. But when was the last time before then that this was the case?

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