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Laszlo Gere

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1) Bowing and curtsying isn't archaic, it is traditional and sign of respect for the monarch, her role as head of state and the institution. Why must all tradition be flushed down the drain? The world is far too crude and base these days. Once in a while people get to see both grace and good manners.
2) The republican wouldn't attend a garden party hosted by the Queen? What an awful, petty, shriveled little man. Regardless of how she got there she is head of state.
3) A life of service and devotion is a bad example for girls? What or who would be a good example for girls, Maddona or the Khardashians? What, exactly, is wrong with service and devotion?
4) The republican is wrong about all passports containing the term "British Subjects". Citizens of the UK are citizens of the UK and only a few classes of citizens of the UK and her former colonies may apply for British Subject passports. The number of said passports issued each year continues to decline and will, in time, become extinct.

The monarchy will come to an end, possibly during the reign of Charles. As the UK becomes more and more third world, the cries for independence from the SNP grows, and the with the outcome of the current war in Europe uncertain the chances of the monarchy surviving another 50 years are slim. Th republican may get what he wants but might not be pleased when he gets it.

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Well let's not give up on it just yet.
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