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Anyone ever heard about this ?

I found it quite interesting.


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Yes, I have seen this before. I still wasn't sure though, until I saw that Mr. Hall had promised "to increase the alcoholic strength of beer". Only then was I convinced that it was the very same man.

Apart from the indirect insinuation that King Henry VIII was a pedophile (and Anne Boleyn got her first period earlier than usual), there is the problem that their child would have been illegitimate, which is indeed pointed out in the article. 

Now, there have been many natural children of former British monarchs, but it seems that they rarely claimed the throne(s). Off the top of my head, I can think of James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth (1649 - 1685), son of Charles II of England (1630 - 1685) and Lucy Walter (c. 1630 - 1658). As Wikipedia puts it: "The question of whether King Charles had secretly married Lucy Walter was raised during the Exclusion Crisis, when a Protestant faction wished to make her son the heir to the throne, while the king denied any marriage, and supported the claim of his brother, the Duke of York". There was a rebellion, the Duke of Monmouth fought his uncle and lost. End of story.

Another case is that of Charles Edward Stuart (1720 - 1788), who was the father of Charlotte Stuart, Duchess of Albany (1753 - 1789), through his mistress, Clementina Walkinshaw (1720 - 1802). Charlotte had a lover of her own, Ferdinand Maximilien Mériadec de Rohan (1738 - 1813). It was unknown until recently that the two did indeed have children, one of whom, Charles Edward Stuart, Count Roehenstart (1784 - 1854), claimed the British thrones. Although it may be true that Bonnie Prince Charlie had been actually married to Clementina, there's no such proof for Ferdinand and Charlotte (he actually claimed that his father was one Maximilian Roehenstart, who probably did not exist). As such, I see no legitimate claim to any throne.
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