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Very interesting. This is of course a very widespread descent in Catholic lines, due to Louis XV's daughter who married Philip, Duke of Parma. Descents are reasonably widespread from their son, also from Charles X (which also goes through the Parma line), but very numerous from their daughter who married Carlos IV of Spain. Of present-day Catholic sovereigns, Juan Carlos I of Spain, Albert II of the Belgians, Henri of Luxembourg and Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein are all descendants. Albert II of Monaco is not but among claimants the two Bourbon candidates for France and the younger Bonaparte all have the descent, as do Archduke Otto, both Savoy claimants, and Dom Miguel. Likewise King Michael I of Romania, Simeon II of Bulgaria, and Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia*.

*In theory. Actually he doesn't, as his paternal grandmother's father was not Ferdinand I of Romania, through whom the descent would come, but Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich of Russia. His sons though do have the descent biologically as well as on paper, through their mother.

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Zygmunt II August , King of Poland had a natural daughter  Barbara by his mistress Barbara Gizawka, a Jakub Zawadzki married this Barbara, i wonder are there any descendants?.


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Here's a lineage back to some of the Byzantine Emperors for the Hohenzollern dynasty of Brandenburg, which passes through some of the dynasties discussed above:

Emperor Alexios I Comnenos (1056-1118) of Byzantium, m. Irene Doukaina. Father of:
Theodora (Comnenos), m. Konstantionos Angelos. Mother of:
Andronikos Angelos (d. after 1185) , m. Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa. Father of:
Emperor Alexios III Angelos (1153-1211) of Byzantium, m. Euphrosyne Kamateros. Father of:
Anna (Angelos) (1176-1212), m. Emperor Theodore Laskaris of Nicaea. Mother of:
Maria (Laskaris) (1206-1270), m. King Bela IV Arpad (1206-1270) of Hungary. Mother of:
Anna (Arpad) (b.1226), m. Rostislav Mikhailovich Rurik. Mother of:
Kunigunda (Rurik) (1245-1285), m. King Ottokar II Premyslid (1233-1278) of Bohemia. Mother of:
King Wenceslaus II Premyslid (1271-1305) of Bohemia, m. Judith Hapsburg of Germany. Father of:
Elizabeth (Premyslid) (1292-1330), m. King John von Luxemburg the Blind (1296-1346) of Bohemia. Mother of:
Holy Roman Emperor Karl IV von Luxemburg (1316-1378), m. Elizabeth of Pomerania. Father of:
Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund von Luxemburg (1368-1437), m. Barbara of Celje. Father of:
Elizabeth ( von Luxemburg) (1409-1442), m. Albert II Hapsburg of Germany (1397-1439). Mother of:
Elizabeth (Hapsburg) (1436- 1505), m. King Casimir IV Jagiellon (1427-1492) of Poland/Lithuania. Mother of:
Barbara (Jagiellon) (1478-1534), m. Duke Georg Wettin (1471-1539) of Saxony. Mother of:
Magdalena (Wettin) (1507-1538), m. Elector Joachim II von Hohenzollern (1505-1571) of Brandenburg. Parents of:
Elector John Georg von Hohenzollern (1525-1598), from whom the Electors of Brandenburg, Kings of Prussia, and Kaisers of Germany descend.

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Since I'm on vacation this week, with plenty of time available and  no money to go anywhere, I thought I'd spend some time recapitulating and summarizing  some of the information that was posted last year on this topic, and appears on the thred above.

Here's a lineage showing a descent from the Casimir III 'the Great', the last Piast king of Poland, into the Brandenburg Hohenzollern dynasty:

King Casimir III (1310-1370) father of:
Elzbieta of Poland (circa 1326-1361) mother of:
Elisabeth von Pommern (1347-1393) mother of:
Sigismund (1368-1437) Holy Roman Emperor, father of:
Elisabeth von Luxemburg of Germany (1409-1442) mother of:
Anna von Hapsburg of Austria (1432-1462) mother of:
Margarete von Wettin of Saxony-Thuringia (1449-1501) mother of:
Joachim I von Hohenzollern (1484-1535) Elector of Brandenburg

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My post earlier today made me think of this old thread and revisit it. Then just for fun I thought I'd trace the line mentioned in post #30 on the preceding page. I found one from an Anna of Masovia, who I don't think is honorIojczyzna's one but she will do. She was daughter of Konrad II, Duke of Masovia, and married another Piast, Przemislaw, Duke of Ratibor. The line proceeds from their daughter:

Anna m Mikulas II, Duke of Troppau and Ratibor
Jan I, Duke of Ratibor
Jan II Ferreus, Duke of Ratibor and Troppau
Waclaw III, Duke of Ratibor
Princess Helena Raciborska m Jan Ostorog
Waclaw Ostorog
Stanislaw Ostorog
Jan Ostorog, Palatine of Poznan
Anna, Palatine of Poznan m Count Stanislaw Jan Jablonowski
Prince Stanislaw Jan Jablonowski
Anna Jablonowska m Rafal Leszczynski, Duke of Lesno
Stanislas Leszczynski, King of Poland
Maria Leszczynska m Louis XV, King of France and Navarre

As already stated in post #31, though here slightly updated, present-day sovereigns descending from this last union are the Kings of Spain and of the Belgians, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and the Prince of Liechtenstein. Among claimants Archduke Karl, the Count of Paris, Luis Alfonso, the Duke of Aosta, Victor Emmanuel, King Michael of the Romanians, Tsar Simeon II of the Bulgarians and Dom Duarte can all trace back to it, as in theory though not fact can Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia (his children though can in fact, through their mother).

At the head of this lineage, Mikulas II, Duke of Troppau and Ratibor is interesting in the context of the thread. He was son of Mikulas I, Duke of Troppau, illegitimate son of Przemysl Ottokar II, King of Bohemia, and so agnatically a Przemyslid. Jan I, his son, married yet another Piast, Anna, daughter of Henry V, Duke of Zagan, so by this circuitous route several Piast lines plus an illegitimate Przemyslid one re-entered mainstream European royalty.

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Here's another one:

Mikulas II, Duke of Troppau and Ratibor m Anna of Ratibor as above
Euphemia m Ziemowit III, Duke of Masovia
Ziemowit IV, Duke of Masovia
Maria m Bogislaw IX, Duke of Pommern-Stargard
Sophia m Erich II, Duke of Pommern-Wolgast
Sophia m Magnus II, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Guestrow
Katharina m Heinrich IV, Duke of Saxony
Maurice, Elector of Saxony
Anna m Willem I, Prince of Orange
Maurice, Prince of Orange
Lodewijk, Lord of Beverweerd (illegitinate)
Elizabeth m Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington
Isabella Bennet, 2nd Countess of Arlington m Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Grafton
Charles Fitzroy, 2nd Duke of Grafton
Lady Isabella Fitzroy m Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford
Vice Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour
Colonel Sir Horace Seymour
Adelaide Seymour m Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer
Charles Spencer, 6th Earl Spencer
Albert Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer
Edward Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer
Lady Diana Spencer m HRH the Prince of Wales
HRH the Duke of Cambridge

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Thanks for the above posts, showing the union of the illegitimate Przemyslid Troppau and Ratibor ducal line with the Piast Mazovian ducal line, and its descent into present European royalty. It also provides King Stanislas Lesczcynski of Poland with a Piast  ducal descent.

The last Jagellonian king of Poland & Lithuania was Zygmunt Augustus, who had no legitimate issue. His father was King Zygmunt I (Jagiellon) the Old of Poland and Lithuania. King Zygmunt I's father was King Kazimierz IV (Jagiellon), whose marriage to Elisabeth of Austria (daughter of Albrecht V of Austria and Elisabeth of Luxemburg), as shown in previous posts in this thred, combined the Piast and Jagiellonid bloodlines.

Here's a lineage, traceable on and Wikipedia, from King Zygmunt I the Old to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria-Hungary, ancestress of all the modern Hapsburgs.

King Zygmunt I (1467-1548) father of:
Hedwig of Poland (1513-1573) mother of:
Hedwig of Brandenburg (1540-1602) mother of:
Duke Heinrich Julius of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (1564-1613) father of:
Dorothea Hedwig of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (1587-1609) mother of:
Dorothea of Anhalt-Zerbst (1607-1634) mother of:
Duke Anton Ulrich of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (1633-1714) father of:
Duke Ludwig Rudolf of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (1671-1735) father of:
Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (1691-1750) mother of:
Empress Maria Theresa

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