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82 years ago today, July 13 1936, the Spanish monarchist José Calvo Sotelo was murdered. His assassination sparked the Spanish Civil War, and was one of numerous political murders in Spain that year. It should be remembered that many of the victims of Left/Republican/anarchist violence were centrists and liberals as well as from the monarchist Right.

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Today is the 100th anniversary of the murder of the entire Russian Imperial Family and the servants who had remained with them by the Communist tyranny which had seized power in the previous year, and would not relinquish it until over seventy years more had passed. Nicholas II had many faults and failings as Emperor and so did his wife as Empress, but the brutal fate they suffered remains a wicked crime. And there are no possible grounds on which to begin excusing the killing of their innocent children and servitors. There are many enormously larger-scale and even more abhorrent crimes to be laid at Soviet Communism's door, but this one should still stand forever in infamy.

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150 years ago this week was the Battle of Aizu in Japan. While the new imperial government of the Meiji Restoration had succeeded in pacifying most of the country, the Tohoku region remained defiant, and Aizu above all else. Aizu, Sendai and other domains bitterly resisted the new order and were defeated. In truth this was not an ideological conflict, or a conflict of old and new values, but rather who would lead the "new" Japan.

However, in Aizuwakamatsu and the wider Tohoku region, the war is still remembered in the same way the American South remembers the Civil War.


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Today is the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is of immense importance to me, because I'm descended from East German nobility. Mikhail Gorbachev is a hero, because he allowed the Communist regime of East Germany to be overthrown and allowed Germany to be reunified.
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Today is also the 101th anniversary of the abolition of the German monarchy. I would have preferred the Hohenzollern monarchy of Germany to survive, but the abolition of the German monarchy was necessary in order to avoid a Communist revolution in Germany. The Weimar Republic was a decent republic, which recognized titles of nobility as part of the legal name, which raised church tax for the Christian churches of Germany and which respected private property. Some republics are decent republics, such as the Weimar Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, KRG (the government of South (Iraqi) Kurdistan, the Russian Federation, USA and the French Fifth Republic while other republics, such as Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, the French First Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran, are evil republics. 
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