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This year, no event summed up the confrontational path of race-baiting, postcolonialism and identity politics as Charlottesville. No event summed up the increasingly bitter divisions of Western societies as that event.

But as Melanie Phillips pointed out shortly afterwards, Charlottesville is symptomatic of a much wider malaise in the West and especially the Anglosphere.

Phillips pointed out that while the Democratic and Labour parties were the main drivers of a radical agenda, the Republican and Conservative parties were oblivious to it - in fact the whole political and cultural establishment beyond that is.

And this is what scares me as a patriot, Christian and a monarchist. I worry that European royalty, including our own Royal Family, are sometimes not aware of who their enemies are. They may be oblivious to the fact that their - and our - enemies are so hateful and evil they will settle for nothing less than their destruction. The problem is that they're simply too nice.

To me, it seems that non-European royalty, especially the Middle East, have a much greater awareness of who their enemies are. They know how and where they must tread because they know how many of their peers have been deposed (and in some cases killed) within living memory.

We as societies are in danger of Balkanisation along cultural and political lines. It is a dangerous prospect reminiscent of the Spanish Civil War - OK I may be exaggerating, but this is hardly beyond the pale. Can our most cherished traditions and institutions weather an increasingly toxic Culture War? Or will they and we be caught in the crossfire?


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How can we restore absolute Monarchy in the west or create the incentive?

Could we use the argument that the lack of Feudalism or Monarchy has eliminated security from people's lives, meaning and forced them into a way of life centered on 'survival of the fittest' competition for resources? In the past every person had a role to play within society, whether they were 'weak' or 'strong' as appropriately appointed.

Where whoever is the most viscous and aggressive accumulates power as opposed to a Monarchy appointed by god keeping order, people in line as well as preventing this. The Lords, and Kings' job is to offer you security in exchange for your loyalty. A place to stay, means to make a living and protection?

Why was it that in the past our ancestors' lives were so simple, yet 'enchanted' and full of meaning everywhere? And 80 holidays a year versus now which is only 8. The post-absolute monarchy historians did everything they can to make life under it look absolutely horrible, and only now has some research debunked this.

I'm afraid with the secularists that dominate our society I often have to resort to using Thomas Hobbes' logic to argue against them or market it and convince them, as much as he was flawed.

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one could try to extol the virtues of constitutional monarchy? much like the monarchist leagues of the realms:
Monarchy New Zealand

Australian Monarchist League

Canadian Monarchist League

"long may we say god save the Queen , because nothing will save the governor general"
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