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Hi, I'm from central ohio, I've been a monarchist since grade school basically, after embracing my catholic religion. Recently I've been having these quasi-second thoughts about monarchy, especially there are many things I like about America. In any case I hope America can at least tolerate the idea of monarchy some day.

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Charles Coulombe is a Catholic who makes being an American Monarchist work better than I do. You may find this article of his helpful:

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Welcome Nocturalmonarchist, and know that this is the place if you want all your doubts about monarchy taken away... I hope!

As the article posted by Royalcello points out it's very well possible to like things about American culture and still be monarchist. And in case you like the political idea of separation of powers, that's something monarchies can do even better. So I would say there's not that much to hold you back from being a monarchist. Unless what you like about the US is the presidency, but in that case I would recommend watching a lot of tv these days, it tends to do wonders for curing republicanism in times of elections. 

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