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Having set out to create an environment in which monarchists, normally so outnumbered and marginalized, could comfortably interact among themselves without constantly having to justify their ideological existence, I had been reluctant to take this step.  However, wanting to liven things up a bit, I have created a section to accommodate people interested in this forum who disagree with the common agenda and values of regular participants, which I have previously defined as a sympathetic interest in monarchy, with the added clarification that "sympathetic" is understood to include belief in the relevance of monarchy to the present time.  Members who have made it clear that they do not share this sympathy are asked to post only in the Opposing Views section.  Threads in which monarchist members have chosen to engage other members in debate may be moved to the Opposing Views section at the moderator's discretion.

I have cross-posted this announcement in the Opposing Views section.  Any reaction to it, favorable or unfavorable, should go there rather than here.
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