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#1: A popular claimant to the throne:
Most former monarchies sadly lack a popular claimant to the throne. Without a popular claimant to the throne, a restoration of the monarchy is extremely unlikely to happen. Russia is an exception to the rule, because a significant monarchist current exists in Russia, despite the lack of a popular Romanov claimant to the throne of Russia. According to reliable opinion polls, 28 % of the Russians support restoration of the monarchy, but only 6 % of the Russians can name a potential Tsar. The only former monarchies, which have popular claimants to the throne, are Iran, where Reza Pahlavi enjoys immense popular support, and Romania, where Nicolae, the grandson of King Mihai, is very popular.

#2: An authoritarian regime:
Monarchies are far more likely to be restored in republics with authoritarian regimes than in democratic republics, because a dictator can decide to restore the monarchy without asking the people. Building popular support for restoration of the monarchy is far more difficult than convincing a dictator to restore the monarchy. The Spanish monarchy was restored, because Franco, the dictator of Spain, decided, that the monarchy should be restored after his death. Some prominent supporters of Putin are monarchists, and they may convince Putin to decide to restore the monarchy after his death. The lack of popular support for the Romanov claimants to the throne isn't an obstacle to the restoration of the Russian monarchy, because Juan Carlos didn't enjoy significant popular support before he became King of Spain.

#3: The established church supporting the monarchy:
If the established church supports the monarchy, restoration of the monarchy becomes far more likely to happen. Ilia, the Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, strongly supports the restoration of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Irinej, the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, supports the restoration of the Serbian monarchy, and many Russian Orthodox bishops support the restoration of the Russian monarchy.

I personally consider restoration of monarchies most likely to happen in majority Orthodox Christian countries and in Iran.
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