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Originally Posted by MatthewJTaylor
Would you ever support a United Kingdom of Iran and Kurdistan? United Kingdom of Iran and Kurdistan.png Iranic Colours of Red White and Green, as seen on both the Iranian and Kurdish flags.
Light blue and Gold centre, colours of the Pahlavi dynasty
Kurdish sun of 21 rays
Iranian Lion (the sun is removed since Kurdistan provides a 21 ray sun anyway)

Yes, if it's a secular state, which grants full freedom of religion, including the right to convert from Islam to another religion. I'm actually a pan-Iranist. I cherish the cultural heritage, which is shared by the Iranic countries, especially the pre-Islamic Persian civilization. Your flag of the United Kingdom of Iran and Kurdistan is very beautiful. 

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If the Pahlavis were the royal dynasty then I'm confident that the state would be fairly secular and there would be good rights for all citizens since Reza is a constitutionalist secularist.
I do wonder if Iranic unionism would we a good solution for the area.
Whilst we're at it, I dearly hope that Britannic Unionism makes a comeback in the Republic of Ireland one day so that my country (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) can be united again.

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