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The results of statistics conducted for the public support for a restoration of the Russian monarchy are quite disappointing, in spite of the 400th anniversary of the Romanovs' ascension to the Imperial Russian throne in 2013.

But I am positive that we could see a change in these numbers in the future and I think these numbers are a reflection of the current situation that is happening in Russia today. I propose that we should leave Russia alone for now, until the political situation gets better. Meanwhile, we should concentrate on our efforts on restoring other European and non-European monarchies (i.e. Hawaii, Brazil, and Mexico), until we come back to Russia. We should keep the Russians open to the idea of a monarchy restoration with the education programmes, monarchy awareness months, and vice versa, instead of letting them shoot down this beautiful idea.

P.S. Theodore, do you know any monarchist organizations that are most active in the monarchist cause for Russia that you would recommend to me?

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That is disheartening, but then the unfortunate fact is that Russia continues to languish in the shadow of the old Soviet Union- the Communist Party remains the main Left-wing political party in Russia, and many older Russians still believe in Stalinist propaganda, hence why the majority of the opposition to monarchism in Russia came from the elderly which is contrary to what you find in most former monarchies. Even more depressing is the figure that 13% of respondents would rather see a public figure or politician to take the Imperial Throne, rather than a descendant of the Romanovs; I shudder at the though of a Tsar Vladimir Putin taking the throne. Still, there's always hope- and perhaps a restoration in another Slavic nation such as Serbia or Bulgaria would increase interest in a restoration in Russia.

I'm not Theodore, of course, but as far as Russian monarchist organizations there is the Russian Imperial Union-Order, which supports Her Imperial Highness Maria Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess of Russia, as the rightful Empress and Autocrat of all the Russias; there is also an official Monarchist Party in Russia, although to my knowledge neither HIH the Grand Duchess nor HH Nicholas Romanov, the Prince of Russia (the other main Romanov claimant) support the movement.

Russian Imperial Union-Order:
Russian Monarchist Party:

Hope I've been of some help.

That which concerns the mystery of the King's power is not lawful to be disputed; for that is to wade into the weakness of Princes, and to take away the mystical reverence that belongs unto them that sit in the throne of God. - James VI and I of England, Scotland and Ireland

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True, it is sad that statistics mostly come from the older generation who grew up during the Soviet era, but these statistics will change as every new generation in Russia will move away from the vestiges of the Soviet era further. That is why my target audience for the monarchist cause will be the youth, who expressed a interest in history and heritages of their ancestors, which it will be of help to our monarchist cause.

Other monarchies that I'm interested in restoring for are Greece, France, Germany, Portugal, Hawaii, Egypt, Brazil and Nepal. I have also expressed a interest in Serbia and maybe Albania, too, as well.

Portugal and Serbia are in good standing as the Portuguese people have expressed a interest in restoring the Portuguese monarchy, since 1995, when the Duke of Braganza married his wife. And in 2011, a poll showed that 64% of the Serbian people also expressed a interest in restoring the monarchy.

But unfortunately, this didn't happen as politicians had got their way and the idea of having power appeals to them. I plan on becoming a diplomat, so I will build relationships with them and try to talk to them into the idea of restoring monarchies.

As for the target audience, it would be best to appeal education programmes to the Russian youth who are born in the decades of 1990s-2010s, because these children grew up without exposure to the communist ideology, unlike the Russian adults who are born in the decades of the 1920s-1980s (the Soviet period). The farther the Russian children are born after the Soviet period every year, the easier we can get with the monarchist cause. Also, we need to find monarchist-minded teachers and professors who admire the history of Imperial Russia and who grew up during the Soviet period, but opposed the ideology and regime in general. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's work would be good recommended reading in university history and political science classes. Another target audience would be the youth, who grew up on watching the 1997 Anastasia film and are curious about the history of Imperial Russia and the Romanov family in general. We can also turn to the American and Canadian children of Russian descent who are interested in the heritage of their ancestors for help.

The reason why I decide to pick the youth audience is because some of the monarchists I have talked to on Facebook are mostly from the 1980s and 1990s, same as me, being born in 1994. Also, the youth are more intelligent and open-minded than adults on certain things. So it would work.


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Originally Posted by kasiac
Other monarchies that I'm interested in restoring for are.....Hawaii.....

Nice idea but unlikely.  Hawaii is not a former monarchy that became a republic but a former monarchy that became a US state. 

There was a real possibility to restore the Afghan monarchy in 2001 but "Washington" was against it.  That probably means some neocon with influence - perhaps Cheney, Rice, or Rumsfeld - told Bush it was a bad idea.  Shame. 

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About the Hawaiian monarchy, it would be impossible at first, but I would turn to the British government first before approaching the American government because UK was one of the governments to recognize the independent Kingdom of Hawaii in 1843, but the country's law is changed now to recognize Hawaii as a U.S. state lawfully.

It is too bad that the Americans denied the fact that Hawaii was wrongfully "stolen" by them in 1893, when it was done under the direction of the greedy businessmen.

But before I approach the British Parliament for help to convince the American government to transform Hawaii back into a independent kingdom, we have to conduct the statistics on how many Hawaiians wanted to see the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii and Theodore Harvey and Charles A. Coulombe will help me in this endeavor.

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I am not at all surprised by any of this, and I would of course favour a restoration, but I think that is highly unlikely for now. We just have to accept the realities of the situation, and pray for a restoration. In God's time, in His mysterious way, there will probably be a restoration, we just cannot know how or at time this may occur.
"With God's help it will never be that a Bohemian king would run from a fight!"
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I for one cannot understand the praise Vladimir Putin earns in some quarters. My problem with contemporary Russia is the favourable view of Soviet history that is promoted, the dishonesty in history regarding Soviet atrocities like the Ukrainian famine, the Katyn massacre, the annexation of the Baltic countries and the imposition of Communism on half of Europe, and Stalin's atrocities in general. It seems Russia will not deal with it until it is governed by people who were not raised in the Soviet era, which is a long time away. And only through restoration of the monarchy can Russia repent for those crimes. Although countries which resent Russia are unlikely to forgive anyway.

Sure, the official "opposition" to Putin are the unreconstructed Communist Party of Zyuganov and the ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Zhirinovsky. But they are loyal opposition, controlled opposition in Putin's fake "democracy". Their role, as Zyuganov and Zhironovsky perfectly understand, is to provide the appearance of pluralism, run against Putin in elections, make the occasional complaint, but otherwise have no opposition to the way the Kremlin does things. The CPRF and LDPR serve a specific role designed for them by the state - appealing to Soviet nostalgics and ultra-nationalists respectively. This new kind of autocracy with lip service to pluralism exists in other ex-Soviet states too.

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From conversations with Russian affiliates amongst those on Facebook, it seems they are more enthusiastic on the Russian Orthodox faith more than they are in the Russian monarchy. The numbers are disappointing, but I do hope to see more numbers as I really love the Romanovs.
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