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All monarchists must go sign up for this awesome website and defend the possibility of monarchist restoration in the world in the future! Evil republicans are already claiming that all monarchies are evil and that nobody ever wants restoration and that Spain will become a republic after the death of Juan Carlos! To arms! Monarchist, defend your cause! *blares trumpets*

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I used to belong to that site, well actually I still do, but hadn't visited for ages. I got weary of being criticised for my insufficiently aggressive position in support of gay rights (seriously). Also, while I support and am PC, people were getting suspended and banned daily for the most trivial violations of PC mores. I never was, although quite active, but got fed up with constantly watching my step. Still, there were some people there with genuine historical and even genealogical passion, and some who wrote well, and though I stopped going there I didn't quit in disdain. The thread is not all that bad, the usual republican ignorance and assumption that their position is the only one any person not insane or a moron would hold, but some articulate and decent defences of monarchy also. So though I enjoyed a brief nostalgic tour of a forum or two I didn't feel impelled to join in again. A warning to anyone from here who does decide to join; unless things have changed any anti-gay remark whatsoever, which includes religious arguments against gay marriage, gets an instant suspension and if persisted with a ban.
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