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Despite having abolished its monarchy, Germany has never experienced a violent republican revolution unlike Russia and France. Friedrich Ebert, the first President of Germany, who was a social democrat, once said, that he hated revolution like sin, and he accepted the Hohenzollern monarchy. The German monarchy was abolished, because widespread mutinies broke out in the armed forces in November 1918, and worker's and soldiers' councils inspired by the Russian Revolution were formed. The social democrats decided to abolish the monarchy in order to avoid a Russian-style revolution, and the General Staff of the German army accepted the abolition of the monarchy in exchange for the social democrats allying with the army against the far left. The Communist Spartacist uprising of January 1919 was defeated, and the short-lived Communist regime in Bavaria, which was established in April 1919, was overthrown in May 1919.
The Weimar Republic was quite conservative. It recognized titles of nobility as part of the legal name, and it allowed the state to collect church taxes. The deposed dynasties of the German Länder were allowed to keep their private property, and even the Hohenzollerns were allowed to keep their private property.
Monarchism has been insignificant in Germany since the end of World War II, except in Bavaria.
Despite being a Kurd, I'm descended from German nobility, and I lived in exile in Schleswig-Holstein until after Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, because my parents fled the regime of Saddam. I cherish my German roots, and I would like the Hohenzollern monarchy to be restored. But monarchism is insignificant in Germany, and despite being a monarchist, I'm not opposed to Germany being a republic. I like the Federal Republic of Germany, because it's far better than Nazi Germany and the Communist regime of East Germany, and because it recognizes titles of nobility as part of the legal name unlike most republics. Unlike the Frenchmen, most Germans aren't ideological republicans. They merely don't care about restoring the Hohenzollern monarchy. They are satisfied with the Federal Republic of Germany, which is a stable and prosperous democracy. Unlike in Russia, monarchist nostalgia isn't widespread in Germany. The most important goal of German monarchists ought to be amending the Basic Law of Germany in order to allow the Länder of Germany to be monarchies within the Federal Republic of Germany. 
I dislike the current political elite of the Federal Republic of Germany, who supports German membership of the Eurozone and mass immigration to Germany. A large part of the refugees, who have been allowed to move to Germany by the government of Angela Merkel, are fleeing poverty rather than persecution. Most of the African refugees, who cross the Mediterranean, are economic migrants rather than real refugees.
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