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I hope I got your attention with that subject title.  This is probably one of the more bizarre articles I've found on the web as a result of all the Google searches I do to see what is being said about our favourite topic.  It's probably necessary to be at least somewhat familiar with both True Blood (which I am) and Mad Men (which I am not) to understand all the references.  I certainly don't think I would like this writer at all.  But it's interesting because coming from a perspective that is clearly hostile to monarchy and traditional pre-egalitarian society (whether Western or Eastern), he sees what so many non-monarchist Christians cannot or will not see: that Christianity is inherently monarchist, and its language remains so today even among republicans who pride themselves on their rejection of monarchy (an issue also addressed, also from a hostile perspective, here).




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So,, maybe we just invade their countries, kill their usurpers, restore their thrones, and establish missions?


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For a second I expected that to be the title of Charles Coulombe's next book.
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