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Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg took part in National Day celebrations alongside his parents Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa but without his bride to be.  He is the last European Crown Prince of a reigning house to remain unmarried. 

Succession rules that previously were male preference primogeneture were also recently changed to pure primogeneture, making Princess Alexandra second in line to the throne over Princes Felix and Louis.

The Lion of Judah hath prevailed.

Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God (Quote from Psalm 68 which served as the Imperial Motto of the Ethiopian Empire)

"God and history shall remember your judgment." (Quote from Emperor Haile Selassie I's speech to the League of Nations to plead for assistance against the Italian Invasion, 1936.)

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Huh?  But Alexandra (b 1991) is younger than all of her brothers except Sebastien (b 1992), so I don't see how that could be the case.  Felix was born in 1984 and Louis (who renounced his rights to the throne upon marriage, for reasons unclear to me since his mother was also a commoner) in 1986.   HELLO! would appear to be simply mistaken: the change (of which I disapprove, but oh well) makes Alexandra 3rd in line, after Guillaume and Felix.
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