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And you, my dear sir, it is known that in 1992 on the island of Saaremaa was proclaimed Kingdom T, which is the de facto lasted two and a half months? This kingdom had its own flag, and minted its own coins.
The fact is that after the receipt of Estonia's independence, the new government of the republic to carry out administrative reform, and forgot about one parish in Saaremaa ... The people of this parish (about 1,000 people) had no power, could not vote in the election, could not obtain documents : because legally they do not have the parish. Then the local librarian, Mr. Levy Hang said: "The Constitution of Estonia stated that the administrative units of the state - is the city districts, townships. But nowhere does it say that it is impossible Kingdom. And if it is not prohibited, it is possible." The people supported this idea Mr. Hang, and offered to take the crown deputy from the royalist party of Estonia, Mr. Cyril Teyteru. Then in Saaremaa was the crowning of Mr. Cyril Teytera: he had the throne name of Cyril I.
Such Kingdom Torgu lasted two months. Mr. Kyril Teyter announced in the Parliament of Estonia, that the Kingdom is created, and that he is now - the King. It was first perplexed, then he was laughing, but ... Kingdom existed. This caused a republican bureaucracy quickly to reform and establish a parish Torgu.
Kingdom is no more, but every five years on Saaremaa marked "Royal Day". On this day, Mr. Teyter as "King Kyril I" passes Royalist demonstration.
If you are interested, I am ready to tell you about it in detail: King Cyril gave me their memories, photos and documents.

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Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam!


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An amusing and interesting bit of information indeed, Sir.
When in Saaremaa, I shall make it a point to pay my respects to King Cyril on the appropriate day.

Would you kindly let us know when the next five-year planned day is up?




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I believe Prince Inigo has many strong points going for him.

Motivated, competent, with professional background, eco-agro-forestry, military experience as well as
humanistic social welfare and scientific engagements.

He is firm in is ethical views based on his Christian belief and practise.
While liberal and tolerant to other world views and creeds. 

He is a constitutional democrat with the will to serve as the first servant of the people.

From the TV Interviews, he reminds me in a way of Haakon VII of Norway, the Prince Christian Frederik of
Denmark, whom the Norwegians chose to be their King.
I wish someone like Jurgita Jurkate would interview Inigo and his partner, the dynamic charming wife Danielle again soon.

Haakon VII of Norway won and earned the respect and affection of his people. He played a pivotal role in uniting Norwegians when Hitler's Stormtroops invaded the nation. He was the figurehead of the resistance against the occupation and the German (and Norwegian) Nazis for five long years. There was the home front in Norway. There also German Anti-Nazis, such as Willy Brandt, the later peace-making Chancellor also fought the Nazis. And there was the Norwegian Army in exile integrated in the British Army.

We Lithuanians should have an integrated Baltic Defence Corps, in my opinion.
Yes, a part of a larger European Army with strong Nato ties; and have a strong National territorial reserve for defence and against natural catastrophes or emergencies as a result of cyber or prop attacks.
And most important- wise and perfect passive and active protection and provisions for our people.

This holds as well for our democratic civil society and its institutions.

Back to Haakon VII. He withstood all pressure and temptations by the devilish dictator Hitler. Hitler had promised him absolutist monarchy should he bypass the parliament and negotiate terms directly with Hitler's envoy.  This was at the onset of the Nazi Invasion of Norway.

Haakon refused profoundly with the Kings no! NEI !
He was elected by the people to their representative and the people he would serve. The Parliament were the peoples elected representatives and he would follow their council and decisions and serve.

Norway prevailed.

Norway is one of the most advanced happy and prosperous societies with equal rights irrespective of gender, belief or ethnicity.

Lithuania prevailed.

Lithuania has friends in the Union and its neighbours and allies, also strong neighbours with possibly revisionist ideas nearby dreaming of old hegemony back.

In modern digital times of global powers and cyber warfare attacks, we need steadfast and flexible thinkers, people with heart, true grit and ideals. Independent of quick tricks, games, good deals and gains.
Lithuania is on its way to become a happy, prosperous Baltic gem, with equal opportunities at home as well as in Europe and checked threats without oil or oligarchs.

I see Prince Inigo's truly felt obligation to the Lithuanian people, the country, to equal opportunities and eco-friendly development. 
He is obliged to stand true to his and his grandfather's pledge to the Lithuanian people.

In my opinion Prince Inigo can withstand any dictator or any other polemic undemocratic creature and put him in his right place. I believe Inigo has the heart of a peoples king and a right place for prince Inigo is as grand duke of Lithuania who does not replace parliament or president but represents the people and a tribute to our past and a promise for an independent, peaceful, strong and secure future.


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Unfortunately, His Majesty King Cyril no longer lives in Saaremaa. After the Estonian parliament restored Torgu parish, the monarchy ceased to exist. His Majesty King Cyril returned to work in Parliament, then was a government official, and now he is at rest in a small house on the Baltic Sea. He calls it "My Royal Exile."

If I understand correctly, you, sir, live in Lithuania. Probably, it will be easier for you to meet with His Majesty, having arrived in Estonia, on the continent. I will be happy to help you establish contact with His Majesty King Cyril. Do you have a Facebook page, sir?

The next anniversary of the Kingdom of Torgu happens in 2022: it will be the thirty-year proclamation of the Kingdom. I hope that this anniversary will be worthily celebrated, and that His Majesty King Cyril will be in good health and will attend the solemn ceremony.

And the last thing I want to talk about for you. In 1989-1991, when three small Baltic states fought against communist totalitarianism, we in Russia were on your side. It was Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia that began the struggle against the communist dictatorship, which suppressed many nations. Our sympathies were on your side. And if Lithuania becomes the Kingdom or the Duchy, it will be the most brilliant, the most beautiful victory of Lithuania. May the Lord God and the Holy Virgin Mary help Lithuania.

With sincere respect for you,

R. D ..

Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam!

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Thank you for your kind offer to establish contact with his Majesty King Cyril and the capable inventive and amusing mayor in person.
No minorities should be forgotten or treated in an unequal way. If all people believe in equality, cultural diversity is an asset, not a threat.
The strong should always protect and support, not dominate the weak and help them to become strong.

I have noted Torgu 2022. Thirty years is an important anniversary. 
In times of trackable e-mails and google dominance, Facebook seems an overkill, isn't it?

Thanks, Sir Roman, for your kind expression of respect.
Thank you for your well wishes of blessings of our Lord God and the Holy Virgin Mary for Lithuania and its people
and I wish the same blessings for the peoples of Russia.

We may meet one day at a small house by the sea
and drink tea with Kyril


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