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Reply with quote  #1 Pakistan's relationship with China is under scrutiny:

Kalat was supposed to be independent in 1947. It is considered by Balochistan nationalists as an illegal occupation by Pakistan.

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Continental China is a communist state, and that says it all. Chinese communism is a kind of totalitarian ideology, built on the teachings of Marx-Lenin-Stalin-Mao and on the nationalism of the ethnic group Khan. At present, there is no prerequisite for the restoration of the monarchical order in China. Therefore, probably, it makes sense to express sympathy for all separatist movements in China: the Uighurs, the Tibetans, the Mongols (Inner Mongolia) and the Manchus.

It should be recalled that during the Second World War, with the help of the Japanese Empire, two monarchic states emerged on the territory of China: the Manchu Empire, led by Emperor Pu Yi, and the Principality of Mengjiang (Inner Mongolia), headed by Prince De Van. If such movements appear in the future, it will be very good, it needs support.

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