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"Turkey sought a religious solution to Syria, while we are looking at moderate elements in the south and Jordan pushed for a third option that would not allow a religious option.”


You know, the irony is that traditionally the Ottoman/Turkish version of Islam - based on Maturidi theology, Hanafi fiqh (which is still prevalent in the Levant) and Sufism - was/is probably one of the more moderate and benign. This is what made its present government seemingly tolerable up to a point, until Erdogan was on a power trip with his absurd new palace among other things.

Sadly, in the decades that followed the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, only Jordan has proven to be a successful and stable state whereas most of its neighbours and near-neighbours are failed states. The emergence of post-war dictatorships did not keep a lid on religious radicalism, but nurtured it even if only inadvertently.

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