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Given the recent anti-Semitism fiasco in the Labour Party, this could be equally if not more harmful to Corbyn's cause given that the Scottish Labour Party is a crucial bulwark of Unionism along with the Tories. Corbyn's anti-Britishness is well-known given his history of links to the IRA and Islamists. Even more alarming given the sectarian sensitivities in the West of Scotland.

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I can't believe Labour can't come up with a better leader than this oaf.
The Lion of Judah hath prevailed.

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Trouble is, Corbyn doesn't come across as an oaf. He projects an aura of courtesy, civility and charm while the oafs, thugs and bullyboys (and girls) gather behind him and do his bidding. Their actions are then gently deplored by the Leader, but he does nothing to stop them. Why would he? They're doing exactly what he wants them to do, and in fact told them to do. As for the anti-Semitism question, my conclusion is that he is an anti-Semite himself. How else could he tolerate it being so endemic in his following? One would think that such transparent hypocrisy would not fool an averagely bright three-year-old. Perhaps it wouldn't, but it seems that a large swathe of the British electorate don't aspire to that level of intelligence and perception.

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Well, Corbyn was a member of secret Facebook groups where, in the name of supporting the "Palestinian" cause, vile anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi and Holocaust-denying propaganda was promoted. And he very likely knew about this. The Left's "anti-racism" credentials should be shown for what it is, a sham and fraud.
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