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After World War II, the Emperor gave up this claim to divinity, but I imagine that there are still followers of the old religious beliefs in Japan who might feel that female succession would violate Shinto beliefs. I suppose, though, that such objections might be overcome by some sort of ruling from the Shinto religious hierarchy re-interpreting the old traditions. 

Indeed, but there have been female Emperors (Empresses) before, although the succession stayed in the male line.  Today, support for a female sovereign in Japan is considerable.

The Lion of Judah hath prevailed.

Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God (Quote from Psalm 68 which served as the Imperial Motto of the Ethiopian Empire)

"God and history shall remember your judgment." (Quote from Emperor Haile Selassie I's speech to the League of Nations to plead for assistance against the Italian Invasion, 1936.)
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