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No, we're not making it up. At California's state elections in 2018, one of the questions voters will decide on is whether the state should be split up into three. In northern California, there has long been sentiment among some locals in favour of creating a new state named Jefferson, and movements have organised for such.

In California, any proposal regardless of how far-fetched or absurd is required to go to referendum if there are enough signatures. There is also a separatist movement in California pushing for an independence referendum.

In 2012, there were various petitions demanding independence for several states, which as you remember were not taken seriously either by the petitioners themselves (they must've forgotten it in 2016!) or the White House. However, Texas, South Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire and of course Hawaii all have nationalist movements with a web presence, and there's also the organised neo-Confederate movement. We know neo-Loyalists/neo-Tories like our esteemed moderator, but they haven't quite organised even if they have the legal right to do so.

American society encompasses a diversity of regional and ethnic identities that should be recognised and respected, and is not at all the same as the modern "diversity" ideology we are familiar with today.
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