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Theo Francken, Belgium's Secretary of State for Immigration, has made statements suggesting that Belgium and Europe generally adopt a tougher line in asylum seekers and refugees much like Australia. This of course does not go down well with the Left and the network of charities and "humanitarian" organisations actively aiding and abetting the migration wave.

Yet Francken is not alone. Within many of Europe's mainstream centre-right parties, there is a gradual awakening, a need for a tougher policy on immigration and to concede that multiculturalism has failed. Recent elections in Austria, Italy and Slovenia have suggested this is what the public wants, never mind in much of Eastern Europe. In Denmark, even the Social Democrats now support strict immigration controls, putting them to the Right of both US Democrats and UK Labour.

There are in Belgium brave people like MR Senator Alain Destexhe, who isn't afraid to be contrarian when need so:

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Sooner or later, but everything falls into place. This had to wait: the left did not like it, but the traditional values of the conservatives cannot be abolished. They are natural. Respect for tradition, pragmatism, reasonable self-restraint, private property. This is not only the foundation of European civilization, it is the foundation of the well-being of every separate person. Therefore, let the left are angry: the experiment is over.
Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam!
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