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This follows the victims of the post-2009 crackdown in Iran which Theodore mentioned on his blog:

In Iran being an opponent of the system makes you a marked enemy. Since 1979, the fate of dissidents has been as follows:
- disinformation campaigns by the regime's propaganda arm
- arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, torture and forced confessions
- show trials clearly inspired by the Soviet Union, with jargon such as "corrupt on earth" and "enemy of God" and being agents of "Zionism" and "imperialism"
- the mass executions of political prisoners in 1988
- the chain murders of the 80s and 90s of dissidents often in their homes
- assassinations abroad during the 80s and 90s, most notably of former Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar
- the crackdown on student movements at various points, most notably the late 90s and again since 2009

This is only a short list of the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The regime's danger first and foremost is to its own people, even before you consider what it sponsors abroad and has done so continuously since 1979.
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