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Good afternoon, all.  My name is Tom Flinn and I am a Catholic Monarchist from Columbus, Ohio.  I enjoyed reading some of the posts on this site and decided to jump in.  I am an attorney and a convert to the Catholic Faith (in 1984).  I came to be a monarchist over a period of time, due mainly to my reading of history and viewing with dismay the mess "democracy" and "republics" have created in our world.  (Do any of the modern proponents of democratizing the world, including our Prez, realize or remember that the only nation that ever used an atomic bomb in war was a "democracy?").  I am very busy right now and may not be able to post much, but I look forward to our continuing conversation.


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An Attorney, neat!

If you have a few spare moments (and a kind heart) would you mind reviewing our 'Constitution' - it is hoped that it codifies a tricameral system of Commons, Lords, and Sovereign.....

If you don't want to be bothered with reading our constitution, I won't be offended - but if I didn't ask, you'd never know that I would appreciate it.....

"In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas"

I am NOT an authorized representative of my Government.

Learn more about the Dominion of British West Florida at

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Oh my God!-You're from Columbus!  I live like an hour away from there.  I love Easton and go there all the time.  I was just at the "North Market" for their outdoor market.  How cool is that!  I live east of Zanesville.  Small World.

There are monarchists on this forum from:
North Carolina
Washington D.C.

And many more I can't think of-lol  But of all places we have two monarchists from Ohio!

Glad you're here!  I hope you like to debate


"When the whole world is against you and you have no friends, there is little chance of success, but you must go on doing what you can, fulfilling your duty and, in the end, going down with honor."
-The Emperor Franz Josef, written to his mother just before the seizure of Lombardy-Venetia.

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Wellcome Tom Flinn! Here we are all Monarchists!At least I hope so and I want to believe that! I beleive Monarchy can unite all peoples of the World!This is a real Institution that  people can find very useful as a Point of Unity and Brotherhood and Agreement.All gathered together united with a real visible Head to look up to and a permanent one also.Religions and Philosophies and Political Ideologies divide people and create conflicts and wars and divide families.If we all look up to a visible real Monarch that can lead us wisely and are united and listen to him this can bring us Peace and Prosperity and Order in this World. I believe Monarchs and Monarchists should not argue and fight about Religions and Philosophies and Ideologies;they should be open-minded about it.Everyone should keep his Religion of Philosophy Private.We should talk only about Monarchy and how to restore all the Monarchies in the World.Present Day Kings and Monarchists should not fight about Territoreal Possessions and lands either;but should be Leaders and Heads of Tribes and Races and Peoples.All Monarchs should work for the good of their people and for Peace among different tribes and races.Monarchs and Monarchists should be Pacifists and reasonable good people.


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Hi Tom,

Welcome to the forum.

Never frown.
You never know who is falling in love with your smile. :)
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