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Making headlines around the world, the outrage could have far-reaching consequences for India's internal politics. Also worth noting that while India has the death penalty on the books, it is very rarely used.

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The young woman who was gang raped on a bus died Saturday in Singapore.  Her body was returned to Delhi for cremation on Sunday.  Murder charges have been added to previously filed charges on those alleged rapists that have been caught so far.

The Lion of Judah hath prevailed.

Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God (Quote from Psalm 68 which served as the Imperial Motto of the Ethiopian Empire)

"God and history shall remember your judgment." (Quote from Emperor Haile Selassie I's speech to the League of Nations to plead for assistance against the Italian Invasion, 1936.)

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Can't say I disagree with giving the death penalty (though I think would be too kind for them). In India, only three people have been executed in the last 20 years, the most recent was last year for the Mumbai bombings.

Seems to me, that even with its rise in economic strength and political influence in the world, many of India's problems (like China) are coming to surface now. They've never answered many lingering questions dating from 1947.
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