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When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, so too did it's ideology of economic communism as it was the heart of the movement. The United States of America is the heart of democracy, republicanism, egalitarianism and progressivism. If one day it collapsed, does it's ideologies?

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No. "Democracy, republicanism, egalitarianism and progressivism" is a much wider category than "economic communism" and has unfortunately taken on a life of its own since the French Revolution. Globally many leftists regard the USA as "conservative" (fat people who go to church, love guns, elected George W. Bush and might elect Donald Trump) and do not see themselves as inspired by it at all. That's why while I have my own criticisms of the USA, I have little sympathy for European and Canadian anti-Americanism since those people are often anti-monarchist as well. If they _really_ wanted to be un-American, they would restore or vociferously support their monarchies, yet they don't do that, which shows that they're just incoherent traitorous lunatics.
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