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Originally Posted by azadi

I agree, that restoration of the German, French and Italian monarchies is extremely unlikely, and that monarchism is far stronger in Russia than in the former monarchies of Western Europe. I strongly support restoration of the Russian monarchy. But most people prefer fully democratically elected parliaments to a British-style House of Lords, including most monarchists. In the current European monarchies, most people prefer a fully democratically elected parliament. Abolition of the British House of Lords is inevitable, because most Brits want full democracy. But the British monarchy will survive the abolition of the House of Lords, because the British people supports the monarchy, while supporting full democracy. If the Russian monarchy is restored, a Russian House of Lords will likely not be established. The current Duma, which is popularly elected, and the current Federation Council (upper house) of Russia, which is elected by the legislative assemblies of the federal subjects (regions) of Russia, will likely continue to exist, if the Russian monarchy is restored.

True indeed

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Putin is the Franco of Russia. He has defeated Communism, he supports the Russian Orthodox Church, he allows the Romanovs to return to Russia and he promotes Tsarist nostalgia. It is far from unlikely, that he will restore the Russian monarchy, when he dies. There is no obvious successor to Putin, and a restored monarchy might ensure a smooth transition like in Spain. It's far from unlikely, that Russia will evolve into a democratic constitutional monarchy like Spain. 

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It would be nice to see a restoration in Russia.  Even a figurehead restoration would be better than Russia with a Tsar(ina). 
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Originally Posted by MonarchistKaiser
Full democracy Duma? I doubt that would work past 1914. The destabilization of Russia in the First World War would cause revolution anyway. Besides, that war has abolished some of the more democratic monarchies like Austria-Hungary, while in others like Bulgaria where the Tsar had incredible power nothing happened until the end of the next terrible war.

Coming to the topic itself, I don't believe populistic democracy altogether with restoration is inevitable in Western Europe, although I would like to see the restoration of all monarchies even at the price of the monarch being most powerless in the world.
In America, the end of democracy isn't so far regarding the coming trends or as Oswald Spengler used to say: "Through money, democracy becomes its own destroyer, after money has destroyed intellect."
the coming of monarchy through a new Caesar looks more inevitable than any European royal house member taking the throne.
Monarchy would come as the natural option, there may be still a senate/parliament, and no longer Republicanism would be the natural option of governance in the world when that happens since the greatest superpower on earth has embraced it.
Another greater possibility that looks way more realistic nowadays is the restoration of the Russian Empire under Romanovs. Yes, although Putin holds power in Russia, monarchist tendencies in the country are higher than any other European former monarchy (maybe except Serbia) that I know of. Nearly 1/3 of the population by recent polls support restoration.
As far as I believe, a Russian restoration would be more democratic than Putin quite for sure, yet the monarch would hold greater power, as said before in previous posts, Eastern Europe and the Middle East were never stunned by the progressive kind of democracy in the west. That event would increase monarchist tendency in the world quite immediately.

Russia is an Eastern country. The Rurikids are of Scandinavian origin, but Russian culture is non-Western, despite having been influenced by Western European culture since the rule of Peter the Great. That's why Central Asians, Kurds and Armenians feel at home in Russia. Europe ends at the western border of Russia, not at the Ural Mountains.

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Among former European monarchies, France is the country, where opposition to monarchy is strongest. Most Frenchmen are proud republicans, while most Germans and Italians merely don't care about restoring the monarchy and a significant part of the Russians want to restore the monarchy. Young Russians are more supportive of restoration of the monarchy than older Russians. 
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