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It seems in the last 2 or 3 years the bad notions of feudalism and monarchy are being debunked one by one. Starting from this, the myths about hygeiene or peasants supposedly having it ‘so bad’. They have all been refuted. Now it’s been found that torture during the rule of monarchs and feudalism was not done as bad as people claim, infact devices like the ‘pear of anguish’ were not even used for torture but medical tools:

The ‘iron maiden of Nuremberg and ‘story’ behind its use in the 15th century was also found to most likely be a complete fraud, all made up.

Article finishes with this:

“Our modern notions about medieval torture devices reflects other misconceptions we have about how torture was used in the Middle Ages and how widespread it was during that period. Perhaps, because we want to see ourselves as more civilized and intelligent than people who live hundreds of years ago, we will imagine that they were more eager to torture people and do it in a more cruel fashion. Therefore it allowed us to be convinced that devices like the Rack, the Iron Maiden, and the Pear of Anguish were somehow everyday objects of the Middle Ages. It might say more about us than about our medieval ancestors.”

Liberal society is slowly descending into what’s called ‘caveman mentality’ or savagery I believe. Would you agree?
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